Miss. Mika Bestina O'Leary

Mika "mom" is an AKC registered Black Russian Terrier. She definitely does not think she is a dog! and has been known to act offended if you mention she is one. 

From day one she has been Mamma’s baby but Daddy's girl. Sweet and cuddly, to this day she will try to sneak into your lap. If by chance you happen to be sitting on the floor, within minutes she will melt into your lap hoping for a belly rub.  

She is a prissy girly girl, who likes to be clean. She has hopped into the bath tub by her own volition on more than one occasion. She will occasionally groom herself like a cat. It is quite comical. She definitely knows how to puts all of that aside when there is competition involved. 

Mika is extremely competitive! She loves to be the best of the best. In every training class she has quickly became the good example.  

As soon as we are in public its “show time.” She struts her stuff and totally eats up all the attention she gets. She literally poses when people stop to ask what kind of dog she is. 

If we happen to go through a drive-through, she sticks her head out the side window expecting to place her order as well. 

She is always eager to please especially if she thinks there might be a treat involved. 

Mika is exceptionally intelligent! With over 50 commands memorized.

She is very protective and takes guarding her friends and family very seriously. 

More to come we appreciate your patience as this sight is currently under construction. 
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